". . . his elegant piano drives the songs on Beautiful Dream, which stands with the recent work of Georgia-born R&B singer-songwriter Randall Bramblett as a document of how the dislocations of modern American culture can chill ambition and frazzle daily life."
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– Edd Hurt
September 8, 2016 

"It's been eight long years since singer/songwriter Steve Conn's last solo album, but fans will be happy they waited for his new ten-track stunner, Beautiful Dream." 
(

– Janet Goodman 
June 1, 2011

"More please."
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– Gary von Tersch
Vol 54 No. 4

"Every track on Beautiful Dream is crafted like an artist would carefully paint its masterpiece or a seamstress will sew its finest fabric to make a beautiful tapestry. In essence, prepare for incredible piano arrangements, introspective yet vivid songwriting, and wonderful musicianship in this particular record."
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– Shauna O'Donnell 
February 5, 2012

"Steve’s lyrical sensibilities are southern to the core and seem to owe as much to Faulkner and Flannery O’ Connor as to Randy Newman and Lowell George."
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– H.W. Phillips
Fall 2005

"Steve Conn may be the best singer you've never heard, and after a single listen to Beautiful Dream, the obvious question that begs asking is where has he been hiding up to this point?" 
(

– Lee Zimmerman 
May 26, 2011

"It’s great to see a music lifer making some of the best music of his life."
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– Jeffrey Sisk 
April 19, 2011

"Nearly all of these 12 original songs would fit snugly into a radio playlist or record collection built around the likes of such accessibly funky artists as Raitt or Boz Scaggs."
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– Derk Richardson
December 2003

"A romantic retro mood permeates every tune here like a fog seeping across a Louisiana marsh."
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– Steven Stone
August 2011

"Conn will kidnap you to a midnight mass on the Mississippi Delta."

". . . the Pineville, La., native and Tennessee resident comes up with intelligent music. . . ."
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– Edd Hurt
April 7, 2011